Monday, March 2, 2009


'Kuchai' plant lanscaping the main entrance

The next school holidays will start on 14th of March 2009, Mata Ayer home-stay has been booked and expected to host number of guests, especially those from afar, who come on special occasion such as wedding party.
The room which is simple and comfortable

Perlis's weather is now start to receive heavy rain after 2 months of hard drought. The angling activity is now on the start as well. Paddy field is filled with rain water, and the famous fishing drain which is located right in front of the Home-stay is start peeped by the 'kaki pancing' s.

The home-stay is on the right

Mata Ayer Home-stay is also adding to its inventory a new 'kampung' house, which is situated at the same road, and named as Kg. Kersik Home-stay. The pictures tell. The house is annexed with the owner's house. It has two bedrooms and Astro TV. Run by Pak Cik Razak, the house is located behind Mata Ayer Police station and there are also other 'Kampung' houses nearby.
One of the room, without air-condition but comfortable

Two sets of toilet, very convenience

The unique mirror and the door of the room is sliding

Contact us at :- Shamsul 019-4803262, 14th March has been booked by the first guest. The Home-stay's renovation and construction has just completed and we welcome the first guest on the coming school holidays.

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