Friday, May 15, 2009


Here are some updated pictures of the Mata Ayer homestay which is welcoming guests for the school holidays.

Just want to show you how easy to access to the homestay/ guest house.

While touring around Kuala Perlis, we have found interesting chalet or motel by the seaside, but the time is evening, the pictures are not so clear... but you can hear the wave and feel the breeze while having a break at the restaurant beside the chalet....
Toilet inside a room
In the room, the toilet is at the end corner of it.
The chalet, accommodated with fan and the other room with airconditioner
The restaurant beside Kuala Perlis - Kuala Sungai Baru seaside road... very tranquility... It is built along a water cannal, the road is on the right side and the Malacca Straits is beside the road. If you wish to spent a night or two here, do contact us at 019-4477475 ( the blogger)

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attayaya said...

terima kasih sudah datang di tempat saya.

salam kenal